Sail the Saronic and Argolic Gulfs of Greece
The suggested itinerary is intended to give you an idea of the places we could visit on the cruise. For more information on the area read about the Saronic & Argolic Gulfs

Suggested Itinerary
Sailing cruises in the Saronic Gulf start and finish from our base in Athens.

A 12 day cruise offers the opportunity to cruise both the Saronic and the Argolic Gulfs, visiting the islands and ports of the Pelopenese. For those who wish to sail further, the islands of Kea, Kithnos and Serifos are also within easy reach.

Our ports of call could include

A 6 day cruise offers a shorter cruise within the Saronic Gulf.

See our Maps of Greece to see the cruising area in more detail.

The itineraries are only suggestions and we aim to tailor the cruise to your interests.

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The Saronic and Argolic Gulfs
The Saronic Gulf is the area closest to Athens and between the Greek mainland and the Pelopenese. The Argolic Gulf is further south on the east side of the Pelopenese.
Aegina is a small Saronic island boasting neoclassical architecture and ancient sites including the Doric temple of Athena Aphaia, the Monastery Agios Nektarios and the Temple of Apollo. Aegina is famous for its crops of pistachio.
Hydra, also in the Saronic, lies just off the Pelopenese coast. Hydra is completely traffic free, even bicycles are banned. Transport is by donkey or water taxi. The main town is extremely picturesque, full of red-tiled houses and stone-paved narrow alleys. It used to be the destination of fashionable artists during the sixties and has kept a highly cosmopolitan character.
Ermioni is located at the stem of a wooded headland on the Pelopenese mainland. Despite its proximity to Athens the place is tranquil and unspoiled. In earlier times Ermioni was of some importance as shown by the ancient mole and walls near the end of the headland.
Spetses, the ancient Pityousa (Island of Pines), is a hilly and wooded island and is the southern most of the Saronic Islands boasting beautiful beaches. No motor vehicles are allowed on Spetses apart from public service vehicles.
Navplion old town is on a peninsula jutting into the gulf that forms a naturally protected bay overlooked by the fortress of Palamidi. Navplion is one of the lovliest towns in Greece. The old city with its neoclassic houses, picturesque streets, wooden balconies and Turkish fountains. Syntagma Square with its mosques and pavement cafes is like a fairy land. The Archaeological Museum in Syntagma Square is housed in an imposing Venetian building. It houses finds from various periods and frescoes from Mycenae and Assini. There is also a Folk Art Museum on Vas Alexandrou street.
Mycenae the capital of the great Helladic civilization of 1650 to 1100BC, is north of Navplion and can be reached by taxi or bus.
Astros is built on hills around a sandy bay. A medieval castle on top of the hill provides a panoramic view over the gulf. The place is alive with fishermen. Approximately 4 km from the village is Moni Loukous, a large monastery, which is well worth a visit.
Epidavros (Epidaurus) sited directly below Mt. Arahneo which is mentioned by Aeschylus in his tragedy Agamemnon. The theatre of Epidaurus, dating from 300 BC, is the most famous and best preserved of all the ancient theatres in Greece. Built of limestone, it can seat 12,000 spectators.
Lagoon 500 catamaran in the Saronic and Argolic Gulfs
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Sailing in the Saronic Gulf Greece

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